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There’s no yellow brick road for a customer's journey

But if there'd be one - this would be it

The World is Full of Surprises

But that doesn't mean it's not worth exploring.

It may be hard to tell where a design process begins,

We offer "back to basics" digital strategy, funnel creation and lead generation.

Strategy First, Technology Second

The customer’s journey is a simplified model that breaks the consumer experience down into three stages: Awareness, consideration, and decision. Every stage of a buyer’s journey matters, and you’ll have to understand each one in order to address customer needs.


The first impression of you. At this stage, convey that you UNDERSTAND the prospect's problem and present information and resources that will help them to better navigate their need. (81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying)


This is the stage where prospect's compare your product or service to other solutions on the market. Here we take a step back and ask if you are positioned the way you should be. (65% of consumers spend 16+ minutes comparison shopping before making a purchase)


According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, “90% of Americans make purchases based on other peoples’ opinions;” there is no question that socializing is now a huge part of the purchasing process. Buyers have started to rely on peer-to-peer reviews more than ever before.

Next UP: Stream|ining Your Martech Stack

Have you thought about leveraging your data to power automation and personalization?

Many of the marketing leaders we spoke with are focused on creating…

They plan to leverage data-rich tools to understand the customer and their journey better, to deliver more tailored content and experiences to the right customers, at the right time.

We’re not the only ones who understand the power of personalization in 2022

OK, How do we Start?

We’ll start by breaking your marketing stack down into three key stages:

Martech Stack Integration

Where customer journey meets marketing funnel. We build the anatomy of a marketing tech stack with recommended tools in three steps:

Stage 1: Attract  -     Stage 2: Engage     -     Stage 3: Analyze and optimize

Where customer journey meets marketing funnel. We build the anatomy of a marketing tech stack with recommended tools in three steps:

Stage 1: Attract

Stage 2: Engage

Stage 3: Analyze and optimize

Omnichannel Stack Reference Model

Customers are going to interact with your brand differently via Alexa than Twitter or email or phone. Different engagement channels bring different norms and opportunities, so the savvy enterprise will respect them as distinct.


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The Benefit of Understanding your Customer Journey

Meet Martech Thinking

Have you tried insight driven data for growth through account-based marketing?

Big companies might use Marketo and Salesforce today, but those tools are clumsy, hard to integrate, providing lower-level omnichannel capabilities and more expensive than a 1st class seat on a plane overseas for your whole team.

Data & Emotion Driven Digital Strategies

A purpose driven and emotion inspiring digital strategy is the first step.

The digital tool selection framework is the difference between getting it right and almost getting it right.

Some would say that...

Over Data, Growth Hacking, Experience Design and creating new Business Models.

We get excited...


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